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16 Sep 2015 atm i can only bot GR47 and I was wondering maybe somebody out there can share their gear and build when botting. thanks in advance.
[Wizard] Fastest Bounty Hunter Build/Routine · Hi Folks, Original authors of the routine are `Unexpected/TwoCigars` so all credits to them. I have modified the base for probably the fastest Thread by: Sqnc, Oct 7, 2017, 1 replies, in forum: Combat Routines · Sqnc. Thread
13 Dec 2012 Therefore the bans aren't being doled out so fastidiously. Its simply a matter of too many bots and too little time. Demon buddy is not the only working bot, i know of at least 3 separate working botting software. This is probably a very small amount of the actual number in existence ponder that for a second.
13 Aug 2012 Hello So I bought Demobuddy and I am trying to use this arreat core script [ACT3] New The Core of arreat by FragMam But I do not know what skills to u.
13 Sep 2015
30 May 2014
I am currently using - Ice armor / frozen storm - Archon / Improved archon - teleport / wormhole - magic weaopn / force weapon. Left attack : electrocute / forked lightning. Right attack : arcane orb / frozen bee. Passives : -Blur -Cold Blood -Glass cannon -Astral presence. I feel like this current build is slow.
This was huge in the wizard CM builds, set the macro up to press 1 2 3 4 and put a .10 second delay in between each button press, and check the loop option. . Should i also make a thread for you using a bot? since i got some printscreens from you asking me some advice how to set up demonbuddy :D.
Blizzard Sued the creators of Demonbuddy for up to 10 million USD asks the court to issue an order against the defendants to prevent them from distributing t
18 Feb 2014