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The Durag D-R 800 is an MCERTS accredited Continuous Emissions Monitor designed for measuring low to medium dust concentrations. The D-R 800 is ideal for measurement applications in power stations, cement plants, foundries and waste incinerators. The D-R 800 uses forward scatter light based technologies to
11/2002 Rev.2. Durag, Inc ? 1355 Mendota Heights Road ? Suite. 200 ? Mendota Heights, MN 55120. Phone: 651-451-1710 ? Fax 651-457-7684 ? Website: D-R 290. Dust and Opacity Monitor. Installation and operation
Scattered light dust monitor. D-R_800_Dust_monitoring. Certified scattered light dust monitor to detect low to medium concentrations of dust in dry flue gas and process gas.
D-R 300-40. 0 Minimum measuring range 0-1 mg/m3 dust concentration. Other measuring ranges up to 300 mg/m3 can be set (optional automatic switching of measuring ranges 1:3:9). 0 Calibration: VDI 2066, page 7. The new DURAG dust monitor D-R 320 is based the need of any manual adjustment. Advantage of
D?R 800 Dust concentration meter Before starting any work, read the operating instructions (the manual)! GmbH.
Staubkonzentrationsmessgerat. Dust Concentration Monitor. D-R 800. ? hohe Empfindlichkeit durch das Messprinzip der Vorwartsstreung. ? einfache Installation mit einseitiger Montage am. Kamin. ? keine bewegten Teile im. Kamin fur eine verlan- gerte Lebensdauer. ? high sensitivity through the forward-scattering.
14 Apr 2010 D-R 800 reflection dust monitor for emission control.
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The most reliable and easy to use PM monitor on the market today. Monitoring Solutions is pleased offer the Durag D-R 800 PM Particulate Monitor. The D-R 800 uses forward-scatter light technology. It's a simple, easy to use Particulate Monitoring system designed to comply with EPA standards. Most commonly used as a