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(GP750 contains many function settings. In order to use It more smoothly and bring up the function of the gyro, please read and understand the\ following illustrations: 1.The first function setting of GP750 is 1520 gs (Istandard) or 760 u 5 (narrow band) servo selection. Please set 1520_u 5 (standard) for all Align. D5 series (1 of 2) [12/31/2008 12:26:57 AM]. Page 2. GP750 Head Lock Gyro Instruction Manual. Next Back (2 of 2) [12/31/2008 12:26:57 AM]
GP750 Head Lock Gyro Set User Manual ALIEN. _ _ .Utilizes Silicon Micro Machines [Still-ill sensor with excellent Illlletallic dampening plate built into bottom stability to dramatically reduce in-flight tail drifts. gyro casing. dramatically increasing .Utilizes AHTCS llltctiye Helicopter Tail Control System} to anti-yibration and
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14 Dec 2008
status's 3D GYRo. C. C. C. C. C. O. 1520 D3 M?jR LIMIT DELAW $ET. SET. Standard/Narrow. Travel Limit. Us Setting. Pang setting. QECLV VECTL/ VI CD VI CLV VECL). The GP750 is set to When using Align Move the heli and Move the rudder When paired with a Move the transmitter. 1520 g s at the factory. DS series
The Align GP-750 heading lock gyro that is included in the new T-Rex 250 super combo kits has setup steps that differ with most other gyros on the market. In order to take advantage of its capabilities, correct options must be set according to the specific application. I will try to walk through the setup steps
23 Jan 2011
At the last minute I phoned Wayne's RC Hobbies and changed my order to the Align GP750 gyro paired with an Align high speed tail rotor specific DS620 digital servo. Marilyn . Moving the servo arm manually, you can really get an appreciation of the precise engineering by how smooth the gear mesh is with zero slop.
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