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2012 IBC SEAOC Structural/Seismic Design Manual, Vol. 1 1. Design SS, at short periods, and S1, at a 1-second period, are given by the acceleration contour maps in Chapter 22 in Figures 22-1 in accordance with Section 11.4.4 and mapped long-period transition period evaluated from Figure 22-12: SDS = 0.55g.
Conterminous US. 0.2s MCE Ground Motion · 1.0s MCE Ground Motion · Long-Period Transition Period (TL, sec). Alaska. 0.2s MCE Ground Motion · 1.0s MCE Ground Motion · Long-Period Transition Period (TL, sec). California/Nevada (Region 1). 0.2s MCE Ground Motion · 1.0s MCE Ground Motion · Long-Period
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Automated Lateral Loads Manual 2.10 1997 NEHRP Seismic Loads 2.3 Algorithm for 2003 IBC Seismic Loads 2006 IBC / ASCE 7-05 Seismic Loads Other Input Factors and Coefficients 2.6.4 2.1 Options for 2005 NBCC Building Period 2. 2 Defining Automatic Wind Load Cases Automatic Wind Load
1.0 second elastic spectral acceleration [m /s. 2. ] s. = Spacing of transverse reinforcement [mm]. T. = Natural period of vibration [s]. TL. = Transition period of response spectrum to long-period range [s]. To. = Response spectrum short corner period [s]. TS. = Response spectrum long corner period [s]. T1. = Natural period of
T L - Long-period transition period, specified according to the ASCE 7-05 code, as shown in Figures 22-15 through 22-20. Parameters I and R, used to scale the response spectrum and calculate seismic Base Shear as specified in ASCE 7-05 Section 12.9: Ie - Importance factor, as specified in ASCE 7-05, Section 11.5.1.
23 Jul 2017 Dear Friends Please help me find adopted global maps showing the Long-period transition period and the Mapped Risk-Targeted Maximum Considered.
26 Feb 2013 Load Patterns command in SAP2000 and ETABS or the Loads > Load (Drift) in ETABS. Seismic type pattern is used for strength design by includ- ing the load patterns in the default design combinations. The seismic type TL is the long-period transition period as determined in ASCE 7-05 Section.
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D. as well as a long-period transition period. input a building period. If the seismic coefficients are in accordance with code. TL.32 2006 IBC / ASCE 7-05 Seismic Loads . Call this period TA. or E. See ASCE 7-05 Section 11. that the programs choose is determined as follows: – – If Tmode ? CuTA. Call this period Tmode.

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