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Classic Lee Sin 01-Apr-2011 Traditional Lee Sin 520/ 01-Apr-2011.
9 Aug 2012 Lee Sin, the Blind Monk is the prime martial artist of the League of Legends. Even though he's based mostly on a Shaolin Monk he also forays into other martial disciplines. A man of many talents, Lee Sin has the tendency of revealing his skill through how he acts instead of how shiny are the accompanying
1 day ago 2 Years of Playing Lee Sin in 10 Minutes – League of Legends | Mod Skin LOL. Download Mod Skin LOL 2018 : Click Here Download Mod Skin LoL 2018. The video source you are viewing is derived from the Channel Heizman on YouTube. Link video :
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28 Aug 2014 Goku Lee Sin. Based on the main character of Dragonball Series, Goku makes its debut as Lee Skin to League Of Legends. This is a 100% remodel pretty please check out our guide about installing Skin installer Ultimate (SIU) and skins in general here –
Player rated Lee Sin guide created by LoL Fans. Players guide you in all aspects of playing Lee Sin from beginning to end game.
21 Mar 2016
I'm just going to continue making this joke on the thread, since it's amused me since first seeing Lee Sin (and moreso with the God Hand skin): Lee Sin is .. for the people who say it's unoriginal or looks too much like iron fist or one punch man a skin doesn't take 1 month to create they could of started the idea of this skin
Hello everyone! I'd like to upload my first custom made skin. It's a recolor for the Pool Party lee sin skin. To i ratoox - 7,956 views. Blue Silver Lee Sin (for base). A cooler skin for base Lee Sin :) I replaced bronze tings by silver and red things by blue enjoy :) DarknAce - 5,316 views - Updated: 1 year, 3 months ago.