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1:10 RC XB Unimog 406 (CC-01) orange 2.4GHz. Anleitung_TEU-105BK (PDF/2MB). Art.-Nr. 300057843. 1:10 RC XB Unimog 406 (CC-01) orange 2.4GHz. Bauanleitung_CC-01 (PDF/7MB). 1:10 RC XB Unimog 406 (CC-01) orange 2.4GHz. FINESPEC_2.4GHz (PDF/4MB). 1:10 RC Unimog 406 Ser.900 CR-01.
Tamiya Unimog Wheelie First Run - FAIL! Click to subscribe: ? The first run of the Tamiya Unimog Wheelie was a fail. Only got about a minute of run time from it before the By admin · 2016-01-02. Trend. Aluminum Tuning of Tamiya CR-01. Video.
RADIO CONTROL UNIT. Tamiya EXPEC GT—I R/C system (2-channel R/C unit with electronic speed controller) is recommended for this model. *Refer to the instruction manual included with the R/C unit. POWER SOURCE. This kit is designed to use a Tamiya 7.2V Custom Pack or. Racing Pack. Charge battery according to
Tamiya 53791 DT-02 Universal Shafts The manual shows you should use the 2 hole pistonat the front and at the rear. Upgrade the Tamiya CR01 Crawler with Aluminum parts such as lock out, bumper, c-hubs, linkage Kumamon (DT-02), Tamiya 44052 - 1/10 Tamiya 58609 - 1/10 Mercedes Benz Unimog 425. (CC-01)
The Tamiya R/C Toyota Land Cruiser 40 - CC-01 ST Custom Model Kit is a 1/10 scale radio CC-01 ST Custom Model Kit online at Wonderland Models. (CR-01 Tamiya 4x4 For Sale | Promotional. Tamiya 4x4 For Sale. Shop Tamiya 4x4 now Tamiya 58592 110 CR-01 4x4 Rock Socker Truck RC Tamiya 110
Tamiya Mercedes Benz Unimog 406 Crawler chassis with 20 tooth pinion gear, oil-filled shocks, 540 motor, 3-piece beadlock wheels, body, tires, decal sheet, spur gear, instructions
R/C manuals for major Tamiya chassis are available for download. Please note that downloadable files may not be altered, resold or distributed without permission.
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10 Jul 2008 It is interesting and very pleasing to see that Tamiya again used a vintage classic for the body of their second CR-01 kit, will be interesting to watch if this series will also in the future bring more classics, the team of hopes so. The chassis and technical specifications are the same as at the