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Is the noise driving you up the wall? Don't now who to call? Then this manual was created just for you. This manual will assist the people of Maui, Molo ai and Lanai in finding a solution to their noise problems. Most of the rules pertain only to the County of Maui, so please don't try using it on the other counties.
INTRODUCTION This document updates NTID 73.1, entitled "NOISE SOURCE REGULATION IN STATE AND LOCAL ORDINANCES," March 1, 1973. It has been prepared as a planning and reference guide for public administrators and other officials engaged in the development and implementation of environmental noise
The officer will make a subjective determination on whether the noise is unreasonable. He or she will take into consideration the circumstances surrounding the nuisance such as the time of day or night, volume, etc. More information can be found in the State Department of Health's Noise Reference Manual. Question: Can I
State Department of Health. Indoor and Radiological Health Branch, Noise Section. Attn: Oahu Noise Reference Manual. 99-945 Halawa Valley Street. Aiea, Hawaii 96701. It may be included in future editions. History of the Noise Program in Hawaii. Prior to the 1970's, there was no governmental activity addressing noise.
The First Amendment protects speech (“expressive activity”) where the main goal is expression, dissemination, or communication of political, religious, philosophical, or ideological . City rules regarding sound amplifying devices in buildings, R.O.H. § 40-7.1,
The noise ordinance from Honolulu, Hawaii. County of Honolulu an animal, farm animal or poultry in violation of this article shall receive a warning citation which will require the owner to follow specific instructions .. (2) When the alleged violator refuses to cease such person's illegal activity after being issued a citation.
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6 days ago Quieter O'ahu ?Aloha, Pickups at Kilohana Square are, we believe, performed by a commercial refuse service. Here is a link to the current "Noise Reference Manual" for O'ahu where they briefly discuss Garbage Collection noise on page nine (9).
"Construction site" means any or all areas, necessary or incidental for the purpose of conducting construction activities. "Council" means the legislative body of a county. "County" means the city and county of Honolulu, county of Hawaii, county of Kauai, or county of Maui, State of Hawaii. "dBA" means the A-weighted sound