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31 Mar 2016 Regulation (EU) 2016/429 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016 on transmissible animal diseases and amending and (141). As in the case of terrestrial animals, it is necessary to lay down harmonised rules on the movement of aquatic animals, including rules on animal health
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8 Aug 2014 South Africa's Department of Health recently published its draft Regulations Relating to the Labelling and Advertising of Foods (R. 429), together with supporting guidelines. The regulations and guidelines aim, among other things, to directly regulate the commercial marketing of foods and non-alcoholic
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manufacturing of reduced ignition propensity (RIP) cigarettes. Government Notice N°. R.429, 16 May 2011. Staatskoerant, 16 Mei 2011, Gazette No. 34302, p. 3. Available . Guidelines for the implementation of Article 12 of the WHO. Framework .. zur Tabakforschung / Contributions to Tobacco Research, 19(3):141-160.
2 Jun 2014 relating to the Advertising and Labelling of Foods. The draft Regulations Relating to the Labelling and Advertising of Foodstuffs (No. R429 of 29 May 141. Sugar substitute. Amount equivalent in sweetness to 5 g of sugar. 142. Syrups, including chocolate, maple and corn syrup. 30 ml as ingredient.
The tables contained on this page list approved refrigerant numbers from ANSI/ASHRAE 34-2016, Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants, the latest edition of Standard 34, which describes a shorthand way of naming refrigerants and assigns safety classifications based on toxicity and flammability data.*.
28 Aug 2014 Draft Amendment R429 Foodstuffs 2 Guidelines. 3. Childhood Obesity. Food Advertising in Context. Children's food choices, parents' understanding and influence, and the role of food promotions. July 2004. within the Act to guide the DOH in all regulatory matters relating to food labelling and
POTENTIAL HAZARDS. FIRE OR EXPLOSION. • These substances will accelerate burning when involved in a fire. • May explode from heat or contamination. • Some may burn rapidly. • Some will react explosively with hydrocarbons (fuels). • May ignite combustibles (wood, paper, oil, clothing, etc.). • Containers may explode
1 Oct 2015 Federal Acquisition Services. Federal Procurement Data System. Product and Service. Codes Manual. August 2015 Edition. Effective Date: October 1, 141. Group 17 Aerospace Craft Launching, Landing, Ground Handling and Servicing Equipment . 144. Group 18 Deleted effective October 1, 2015 .