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10 Sep 2010 Final Fantasy XIII Inventory FAQ ================================ Hi. But they're usually weapon and/or accessory FAQs, which don't include other items. (The treasure-related achievement/trophy only needs all weapons and accessories.)
19 Mar 2014 Components are used to upgrade your weapons and accessories by adding experience to them. You can get to the upgrade menu from save stations when you obtain the Omni-kit Key in The Vile Peaks. When you've selected the weapon or accessory to upgrade, you'll go to the component list where you
Most weapons and accessories in Final Fantasy XIII can be leveled up with components. Once the
Base Experience Value: The maximum and minimum amounts of experience that the component adds to the item. Each item has a hidden rank value that determines exactly how much experience is gained from within the given range; more powerful items have a higher rank, resulting in less experience from components.
For Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "[HUGE GUIDE] Weapon Upgrading and Weapon Analysis You've likely surmised by now that the basic process is this: build up the EXP multiplier to x3, then use synthetic components to give the item a whole lot of EXP all at
30 Apr 2010 While there are many items in the game, unlike other Final Fantasy games you can only use a very small portion of those. In the Items section of the menu, you can see your weapons, accessories and components, but these are all used within the menu system, not during gameplay. Likewise, key items are
XIII Key items are not constant in the inventory. For example, the Grav-Con Unit disappears from
XIII There are several types of accessories in Final Fantasy XIII. They grant stat boosts and
8 Sep 2012 Items - Final Fantasy XIII: There are many items in Final Fantasy XIII, but most of the fall into smaller categories.
27 Feb 2013 For more detailed information, you can check any of the other guides listed in GameFAQ. Just copy the item name from this guide, then run a search for the item with the Ctrl+F function. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Iron Bangle lvl. 6 Millerite HP +50 +50/+120 The Hanging Edge